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has representatives in both Europe and Mexico and is well positioned geographically to strengthen the link between the continents. Many co-production agreements between Mexico and other strong filmmaking countries are already in place but are not being fully taken advantage of - we seek to change that by helping to bring Mexican filmmakers closer to all the important film markets in Europe and beyond.

There is a natural link with Spain and other Latin American countries, due to the language and the amount of co-productions already carried out but, where appropriate, we also seek to facilitate co-productions with countries like Germany, France and Canada.

The countries or regions with which Mexico has a co-production agreement in place are: Spain -Italy -France -  Canada - Iberoamerica

In addition, foreign projects, under a qualified co-production with a Mexican producer, may meet the requirements for 189 financing.

If you have a project you feel would qualify for a co-production (a story element or character related to Latin America) please contact us at projects@chapulinfilms.com and include any pertinent documentation you think appropriate.